Welcome to the Bed and Breakfast '' Il Girasole'', Via Lepanto 11 in Balestrate about 50 Km from Palermo towards Trapani.

Balestrate is a lovely seaside village that faces the splendid Gulf of Castellammare.

We would like to show you some photos of Balestrate please remember that it's one thing to see places, but it's entirely another experience to live them directly.

As you wander around Balestrate discovering it's natural wonders it's perhaps redundant to tell you that you are in Sicily, an island that has witnessed the passing of several different cultures: Greeks, Normans, Byzantines and Romans have all  populated Sicily at one time in its vast history.
These cultures have left their mark in several manners including the construction of temples, amphitheatres and other monuments that time doesn't erase


If you want to rest your body and relax your mind you can find places here where nature is uncontaminated with a beautiful limpid an crystalline sea as it's background.

This is  why we thought to show you photos of some places near Balestrate. Of course, these digital photos lose a lot compared to reality.

Finally, if you have never been to Balestrate, and you need travelling indications we've prepared a map page where we explain how to reach us.





The places you are seeing in the photos will welcome you with
typical sicilian hospitality and a climate where summer lasts well beyond the calendar dates.

If you have decided to come and visit us, click here for more information